From the pencil sharpener on your desk to the bottle you’re drinking from,

All your stuff and your activities have an environmental story!

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Perhaps your pencil started its story as a tree in Asia… your plastic water bottle was created from oil originating as far away as the Middle East… your avocado came from South America!

About The Story Of Your Stuff

The Story of Your Stuff is an EPA competition for second level students aimed at highlighting sustainability, climate action and environmental protection. Second level students are invited to use their creative talents to visually tell a story about the environment, such as investigate the life cycle of their everyday ‘stuff’ which could be an object or an activity using the resources on the EPA website, and particularly the Ireland’s Environment web resource and other good sources of information, to assist with their research.


The competition gives students the opportunity to use their creativity to highlight the importance of safeguarding Ireland’s Environment. By taking part in the competition, the students, and by extension their friends and family, will increase their knowledge of the environment and will be more likely to make everyday choices that have a positive impact on the planet. Students are invited to visually tell the story of their ‘stuff’ through a creative medium of their choice – including video, animation, storyboard, infographics, photography considering the entirety of its life cycle. Examples could include a pencil, toothbrush or a bottle or their journey to school.

Explore the story of your stuff

Let’s get thinking about… stuff!

Consider what your stuff is made of, how it’s made, what emissions are associated with it, where it could potentially end up when it is no longer of use or what could become of it when its recycled properly. Alternatively, consider the impact an everyday activity has on the environment. Use the information on Ireland’s Environment to help you with your research.

Unleash your creativity

We want you to unleash your creativity to tell the story of your 'stuff'...through a visual creative medium of your choice. This can include video, animation, infographics, or photography. Check out the competition rules page for list for acceptable formats.

If your're submitting a video project and thinking of using music, remember that it must be copyright- or royalty-free. Check out YouTube or Incompetech libraries for some choices. Remember it’s illegal to use copyrighted music on your videos so using these websites is best unless you want to create your own music!.

Why should you enter The Story of Your Stuff?

The Story of Your Stuff gives you the opportunity to use your creative talents to highlight the importance of safeguarding Ireland’s environment. It also gives you the knowledge to make environmentally conscious decisions about your ‘stuff’ and activities and to share the message with your friends and family. As well as all that, the winning entry receives a prize of €500, with an additional €500 going to the winner’s school. For the first time, an additional Climate Topic Prize is available this year. The winning entries will also be publicised by the EPA and showcased at a prestigious national event and on the for the world to see.